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We are home to some of the world's best stationery, design and lifestyle brands, sold in some of the UK's best stores.

Bitplay iPhone Camera Case
Proud winner of an iF Design Award

Originally a Kickstarter project raising almost $50,000, the SNAP! PRO is an iPhone case with a difference: it turns your iPhone into a versatile camera.

European distributor of Blackwing pencils
Cult pencils

The pencil used by Steinbeck, Sondheim, Chuck Jones and a host of other artistic giants. Like most Notable brands, Blackwing is at home everywhere.

European distributor of Blackwing pencils
Italian notebooks

Featuring high quality acid-free, ink friendly paper and soft flexible covers, Ciak notebooks have been a mainstay favourite for years.

Danzo Studio's Landscape desk organiser
Landscape desk organiser

Landscape comes in styles inspired by a feature of Earth's landscape: Volcano, Waterfall, Valley, Hills and Plains. Six colours available.

UK distributor for Good Morning Inc's Japanese 3D calendars
Distinctive 3D calendars

Japanese stationery at its most innovative. Good Morning's calendars are exciting, surprising and conversation starters. Not an average calendar.

UK distributor of Happily Ever Paper design stationery
Experimental design with paper

The designers behind Happily Ever Paper clearly have no interest in the ordinary. Their designs from notebook to desktop items appear experimental in feel yet functional in practice.

UK distributor of Hightide Co stationery and lifestyle goods
Japanese stationery and lifestyle goods

Hightide designs products that give you a good feeling. Popular Japanese brand. Incorporates Hightide, Hum, Nähe, Penco, PH and Re-Standard.

UK distributor for HMM
Human Mechanic Method

HMM interprets artifacts in a heartfelt way to create works that not only function but breathe life into their designs.

UK distributor of the cult Hobonichi Planner
Cult Japanese planner

Notable is proud to bring the Hobonichi Planner (or 'Techo') to the UK. With a cult following in Japan, Hobonichi was almost impossible to find outside Japan.

UK distributor of Iconic Design stationery
Refined Korean design

One of our most popular brands, Iconic is loved for its refined, sometimes whimsical stationery and lifestyle goods.

UK distributor of LIFE, the cult Japanese paper and stationery brand
Fine Japanese paper and stationery

Established in 1949, LIFE produces high quality paper and stationery with a worldwide following. Uncommon and difficult to find outside Japan.

UK distributor of March Jollypop, T-Spoon and other design goods
The ordinary, re-imagined

March is a young product development company, always looking for ways to re-invent the ordinary, from unique edibles to apparel.

UK distributor of Midori Japanese stationery
Japan's famous stationery brand

Midori has a unique mix of the cute and quirky and the grown up and refined. Instantly recognisable designs loved by users worldwide.

UK distributor of METAPHYS design stationery and goods
Experimental design stationery and lifestyle goods

Metaphys strive to redesign the everyday goods in our lives, from desktop goods such as pens and erasers, to household items such as furniture.

UK distributor for P.A.P Sweden
Scandinavian style

Premium handmade leather goods and accessories, made in Gothenburg Sweden using vegetable tanned Italian leather.

UK distributor for The Line
Silhouettes for city lovers

The Line brings fresh perspective to some of the world's most iconic skylines in its search for the most beautiful view of each city. 

UK distributor for TOAST Living
A slice of design

Life is like a piece of toast. You can have it either in plain and simple way, or add different sauces to create plentiful flavors. 

UK distributor for TreAsia Design
Winner of more than 10 international design awards

TreAsia seeks to find treasure in design, to pursue beauty through its designs and to share that beauty with all those who appreciate design and beauty.

UK distributor for Traveler's Company (Traveler's Notebook, Brass Collection, Kraft Envelope, Spiral Notebook, Customize)
The Cult Traveler's Notebook & Company

The much sought after Traveler's Notebook, BRASS collection and more.

UK distributor for Ystudio brass pens and pencils
Design inspired by nostalgia

Ystudio bring a touch of nostalgia to their 'The Weight of Words' collection, creating beautiful writing instruments and desktop accessories that will last the test of time.

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